A native of Guadeloupe, VIBE grew up in La Courneuve with a musician father who introduced him to music, in all its forms, at 3 years old : bass, drums, percussion, organ, and piano. His childhood was marked by studio sessions and touring. At school, only a few subjects interested him; one of them being French. Growing up rather shy he started writing poems, thus the beginnings of his passion for writing and composition. Even though he was accepted at the conservatory of music, he refused to enroll. VIBE continued on his artistic journey of being self-taught.

Everything came together very quickly and in a few years, his passion became his profession. In 1993, when he was barely 15 years old, VIBE formed the group "POETES HOP JAZZ” with some friends; a quartet with blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz and R & B. He participated in several projects including the compilation "24 CARATS". But the group later disbanded.

VIBE continues to work with his own grain of voice and refined  "flow". In 1999, his very personal first album "CONFESSIONS" was highly acclaimed by the public and the music industry. The single "No Blaggadda" sold more than 250 000 copies. On this album, the artist sang about his feelings and paints a picture of his life’s philosophy.

In 2005, he released the album "EMANCIPE " which brought some challenges between him and his record label. Back then he wanted to add a more personal touch in his music but was denied this opportunity. This allowed him to step back from the situation and to refocus. Humbled but no defeated, he remained determined and kept on going.

Between 1995 and 2006, VIBE created the label KIMBERLITE and organized a string of collaborations with many artists from various musical genres: soul music, pop, rap, zouk ... both in the  US and France. Artists such as Truth Hurts, Diam's, Admiral T, Mark Middleton (Blackstreet), Menelik... and even recorded a duet with Barry White in 2003 : "Sho you right."


Today, the same young artist from a few years back, took the necessary time to reinvent himself. "ENTRE DEUX CIELS" is the work of transformation, a musician who has taken everything against him and made it work for him. He took the time to step away to come back stronger lyrically and working with better production teams, from New York to Atlanta via Paris. The final product, comprised with 15 songs is a testify of his resilience and maturity.